Werewolves of London

A werewolf by a telephone booth.

Not really much point in burying the lede on where I’m going next, right? Well, not physically going. I’m still in this drafty house with no eastern exposure and very spotty internet, but all the recent sightings I’m hearing about online have been London-based. (And thanks to that one commenter for reminding me that this song exists, lol.)

In no particular order, there appear to have been sightings by Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, but also in Camden, Hampstead Heath, Holloway Road, and some random pub that I can’t find the name of. The werewolves of London really seem to like tourist traps, and I would think that this was some sort of stunt to drum up interest in the city, if it wasn’t happening in multiple places across the continent.

I guess it does make a sort of sense that these pictures came from popular vacation spots—that’s where people tend to have their cameras ready. Though, really, I hope they don’t get hit by a car. I’ve been to central London before. It was mostly cars. 

Okay, correction (addendum?) to what I said up at the top—there’s now apparently been at least one sighting in Madrid as well. Someone DM’d me this, and I paused this to follow up. I then spent a bunch of time going back through my Facebook to try to find pictures from my school trip to Madrid years ago, before I remembered that it wasn’t to Madrid, it was to Barcelona. It gets dark so early here, it’s making me feel like my brain is dimming along with the light.

Anyway, if anyone is in Madrid, you might see a werewolf.

So far that’s Italy, the UK, and Spain. Either this werewolf has a frequent flyer number, or there’s more than one. 

God, I’m really spooking myself with this. I just heard something outside the house and jumped so bad I spilled my drink. If it’s another stray cat, I’m going to have to think about buying some canned food when I’m next in town. Those things look hungry.

Posted by Lycanspiracy on 13/09/2021

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