Werewolves love the Colosseum? Apparently?

A zoomed in werewolf outside the Colosseum

Good afternoon! Or whatever it is where you are. Honestly, I’m not even sure what time it is here. I haven’t seen the sun in days. It’s so cloudy here that when I step outside I always expect it to be cold, but it never is. The house is what’s cold.

Anyway, I was initially going to post this last night, but my internet went out again. Or, not my internet, the electricity. It must have been the wind. We got storms last night, but no rain; I thought I heard it in the middle of the night, but this morning the ground was dry. Well, the electricity is back, and that’s what matters. Anyway, two posts in one evening just weren’t meant to happen, I guess.

Just as well, to be honest: when I logged in this morning, I decided to completely scrap my initial draft. I still want to get around to talking about the additional sightings in London and the ones in Berlin, but this just blew all of that out of the water. An Italian tiktoker posted a video of a sighting in Rome. You can see for yourself. 


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I can only understand about half of it—my Italian is not as good as it should be for having lived in Rome for months, and he’s talking really fast. But the gist is that there was a sighting at the Colosseum—the exact same place I saw my werewolf. Actually, judging by the time of day it might even be the same moment that I saw mine, but from a different angle. So is this the same wolf? Has this guy just been sitting on this footage? Or does this wolf simply love going to ruins?

If he did sit on it, I get why. It’s hard to come to grips with the idea that any of this might be real. You do all the stupid things in your head that people do in horror movies. Repeat again and again that this can’t be happening. I’ve been there. We should start some sort of support group. Werewolf Noticers Anonymous.

Anyway, I should tell you that I’ve made some posters to find fellow WNA members. Hai visto un lupo mannaro? I have the basics down, you know. He must have found one as he links to this little project of mine in the comments. I’m glad, I can’t figure this out on my own. 

Thanks for the DMs and replies! I’ve gotten a number of people telling me about their own sightings. As for those of you who’ve asked me for advice on what to do if they’ve been bitten themselves…I’m not sure. I’m not a doctor. I don’t think there’s been much medical research done here, obviously. But I’ll see if I can dig anything up. 

PS! Just before I hit publish, I went back to TikTok and there's another video! Again, my Italian isn't that great but from what I understand, someone sent the video to him and asked to look into it? Not just me thinking I'm losing my mind then...


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Posted by Lycanspiracy on 14/09/2021

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