I think it's following me

A black and white photo of the Colosseum

Hi again! Sorry it’s been a few days, but a lot has been happening. And I’m sure nobody is hanging on my every word, even if my twitter has been getting more traction than I’d expected. It’s mostly been DMs, though? I guess people still aren’t comfortable with talking about supernatural shit out in the open.

My internet is spotty out here, so I’m going to try to write this out quickly and get it up as fast as I can.

In my first post, I talked about the monster I saw across the street in the rain. That was…mid-August, maybe? I’m too afraid to look up the date in case that just makes my internet absolutely explode. That could have been…I don’t know, a fluke. My slightly tipsy mind playing tricks on me. I’m not from Italy—I only moved here this summer for a work contract—and I’m probably still susceptible to the slight over-romanticization of an American in Europe for the first time. Maybe I conjured a werewolf up out of excitement at being somewhere with infrastructure dating back to before the 1970s.

But then I saw it again. Just a couple days ago. In broad daylight, at the Colosseum. Maybe this werewolf is an archeology fan.

My contract in Rome was almost up, so I was trying to take in some of the sights I’d neglected to go to. I’ve never been good at being a tourist. I wandered away from the rest of the tour group and…I saw it there. In the shadows beneath an arch. Standing on its hind legs and looking at me.

I could tell this was the same one I saw last month from across the street. I don’t know how, I just could. And I think it recognized me, too.

We just…stared at each other, before it ran off.  

I didn’t finish the tour. I cut my time in Rome short and I just…left. I’m somewhere further north now, down a dirt road in a house surrounded by trees. It seems to get dark here so early. I can barely see my hands as I type.

Please let me know if anyone else has experienced anything like this in Rome. I need to know I’m not seeing things.

Posted by Lycanspiracy on 09/09/2021

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