Goths with laptops

Blurry wolf by the Seine

You know what’s nice? Decent internet connection in London, unlike in that increasingly leaky house back in Italy. I’ll be getting back on the train today, but for now, I’ll enjoy the communication infrastructure and the decent coffee.

I originally intended on staying in an Airbnb while I’m in London, but I never actually made it there. I…met some people.

Okay, that makes it sound way more sinister than it actually was. They’re here for the same reason as me. They’ve set up in a rented apartment across the street from one of the sighting spots; I won’t tell you which one so I don’t doxx them.

The person I met first—let’s call her M—and I were eyeing each other at a pub. Honestly…I think we each thought the other was a werewolf. She has a LOT of hair and I look like I’ve been traveling for days, which I have. But once we realized our mistake, she bought me a drink and then took me to meet her friends. They’ve all read my blog, apparently, which is still a weird thing to get used to. All my professional stuff has been for corporate brochures and the like; I never expected anyone to actually be interested in my writing. We stayed up all night, and it was way more fun than it should’ve been. Still, it’s nice to meet people who believe in some of the same things I do.

There are sightings in Paris now, too, along the Seine. I’ve had a DM on Twitter, I’ve posted a screenshot of the video that was sent to me. I guess it’s the same as it is everywhere else--people see them, but there’s no general panic. No uproar. It makes sense, from a distance you could mistake them for furries or coplayers. Seeing a bipedal dog on the street is not as weird as it would have been just ten years ago. But if you ever bothered to get close enough, you wouldn’t have that misconception. Still, working with a group is quite reassuring after all that time alone in a house in the woods, although…

Okay, and this is going to sound silly, but I feel like I’m being followed. Nothing really obvious, just a couple blurs in my peripheral vision, and the sensation that when I’m on an empty street, it isn’t actually empty. It doesn’t feel like someone’s hunting me down though, you know? More like someone’s… I dunno, calling me? It’s probably just a result of being around so many people all of sudden.

Honestly? I’m actually kind of glad to be going back to my crappy little cabin in the woods. 

Posted by Lycanspiracy on 16/09/2021

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